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Links to my Projects completed during the course. Click on the pictures to view the web page/site.
Screen capture of Projects Comments
©LG-29/1/2013-three books Developing my first web site was a major challenge but very rewarding when it finally came together! I had a number of obstacles to overcome such as having two images in the header but using one as a heading 2 worked. I enjoyed designing the logo and choosing a colour scheme. It's great to see the finished product on line!
vectortuts This was an interesting project as we learned how to insert rich media.I inserted ajQuery fading images slide show on the home page and a 30 second video on the gallery page as well as a photo gallery.My theme for the project was colour using some of the images I had created and photographs of flowers and trees.
Bob This is an account of my experiences while developing each project,the high points and the low points.There is great satisfaction in overcoming the various difficulties erncountered`
exam This is my exam assignment and I'm pleased with how it turned out.
© LG - 3 July 2013